"Roberto Bravo"

“Jewelry store” Roberto Bravo “in Balchik is the perfect place to choose jewelry for a special occasion of an important person. In the store you will find stylish gold and silver jewelry combined with various precious stones and diamonds.

The design of the jewelry is in line with the world trends in jewelry. Many years of experience and a wide range of exquisite jewelry guarantee high quality and your own style.


„ Raynoff“

Optics “Reinoff” offers quality production of prescription and sunglasses, as well as all the necessary consumables for them. The optics showcases a large part of the range of products that Reinoff offers.

Customers can choose between different models of glasses, in line with the latest fashion trends and suitable for all ages and tastes. Optics “Reinoff” has a long working time to be able to meet the wishes of its customers.



“Aldo grocery store is one of the best choices for buying groceries in Balchik. Shopping is quick and easy, the store offers a wide variety of groceries to meet every demand.

Delicious and always fresh bakery products, dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables. It also has a warm display case, ready meals for lunch or dinner. The Aldo store offers monthly promotions and affordable prices for most of the products.


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